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Helpful Tips to Become More Self-Confident

believe in yourself

One of the main obstacles in life that can prevent you from reaching your goals and pursuing your purpose and passions is a lack of self-confidence. Whenever you put yourself out to the world, it feels like a risk. Unless you are ready to take the risk, you are not allowing yourself to make dreams a reality.

Self-confidence can be defined as a feeling of trust in your qualities, abilities, and judgment. However, how can you build that trust in yourself?

Deal with Lack of Confidence

self confidenceThere are certain times you feel you are not confident. Usually, the feeling will be something like anxiety, fearfulness, nervousness, worry, and feeling resistant to take action. After being clear on how it feels, you should consider shifting into a better feeling place. In this case, you can apply the law of attraction. Also, you can rehearse a situation before it can even happen. That means you should think and feel everything going according to plan before the event occurs.

Before you publish a novel, giving a presentation, or even going on a job interview, pre-pave by thinking and feeling that things will unfold the way you want them to.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Remember that you are a unique person with your own contributions to create your own timetable. Ensure you own that thought. Even if others are more accomplished than you, never sell yourself short. You may have been in situations where you thought that it is over in your head, and others believe that you are better as compared to others. Remember that you have your own unique style, and it should resonate with you.

Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

Probably, there is a lot of negative self-talk that is going in your head. It is time you shift your focus to do what you like about yourself. What talents, qualities, and skills are you proud of? Ensure you create a list of them and always refer to them always. It is vital to note that you are a work in progress. Therefore, you should forgive yourself for making mistakes. Ensure you learn from them and be proud of your growth.

Shift Your Thinking

It is a good idea to shift away from those questions that kill your confidence and move to those that empower you. Rather than why do you always feel this way? Try, how would I like to be?