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Choosing a Hand-Held Shower Head Has Never Been this Easy

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Imagine moving into a new home, turning on the shower just for it to release a weak sprinkle. This can be annoying for many. The best alternative here is to purchase a new shower head. The top models produce a strong flow that is delivered at a steady temperature. Others have special adjustment settings that regulate the spray patterns from simple mist to forceful massage. Most hand held shower heads with hose work best for many people and are becoming popular by the day. Their other end is attached to nearby water outlets which include water supply from standard shower heads. This also includes a sink faucet and tub spout.

The water-efficient models

flexible shower headWhen picking a shower head, one must consider the force of the water stream, adjustment settings and general ease of use. The amount of water discharged is crucial as this is what your body will be exposed to every day of the year. Going by the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, findings, showers discharge close to 1.2 trillion gallons annually. This is roughly one-sixth of water consumed in the entire nation.

Before 1994, the shower heads then were made to deliver a standard flow rate of 5.5 gallons per minute. After review by the authorities, the versions today are limited to a flow rate of 2.5 gallons every minute. The aim here was to conserve water and fuel consumed when heating. Most shower heads today meet the required regulations. The only challenge faced by manufacturers is meeting these standards without affecting the feel of its discharge.

Do not be price-driven

Spending a fortune when buying a shower head does not necessarily translate into good results. You will be surprised to come across multi-setting hand-held shower heads that cost a fraction of the exclusive models.

Water consumption rate

If you are worried that your new hand-held shower might reduce your water consumption, here is a simple guide on how to go around this. Carefully place a bucket that is marked in gallons under the shower head. You can then turn it on at the regular pressure you are used to. Note down the time it takes to fill a gallon. If it takes less than 24 seconds, you can save more water by using the low-flow model.


hand-held shower headReplacing your shower head is an easy task that can be done by anyone. Begin by unscrewing the old head. You can use an adjustable wrench for this. Remove the old plumber tape on the threaded part after extraction. Apply a fresh plumber tape right over the threads to seal it well. This ensures the new shower head is finely screwed. However, certain multi-jet shower models need costly plumbing alterations.

Benefits of hand-held showers

The users can perform bathing tasks when in seated positions. They are helpful for parents who would like to bathe their young ones. The same merit applies to pet owners. The convenience allows the user to rinse down their shower after use.