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Getting The Best Cat Tree Furniture

kitten resting in her own place

Cats generally love to have vertical space and your pet is no exception to this rule. This particular requirement of these animals can be met by climbing trees for cats.

They not only provide appropriate space for the animal to climb, but they also provide the animal with the right kind of opportunity to do the required exercise, and your pet can also groom her own claws. But, to provide a good experience to the animal, it is highly important that you should take into account certain things:


First of all, the base of the cat tree should be sturdy such that it can keep your kitten away from wobbling when she is trying to climb. If once your pet gets the experience of the tree falling on her, she will never get near it anymore. In addition, there are also chances of serious injury to her too.

cat-1456878_640Even though, smaller ones can be suitable if your pet is tiny, it is better to plan ahead for her growth and you can go for anything that weighs between 7 and 20 pounds on the basis of the breed of your pet. If she is from a breed that grows as a fat animal, plan ahead and go for the appropriate model.

Different surfaces

Also, when you are browsing through the different cat trees, it is better to go for the one with sitting and scratching surfaces at different levels, so that she can relax herself in-between plays.

You can also check whether there is space for hanging toys or even some models come with toys hanging on them already for making them more interesting for the animals to explore.


Catnip is a plant that has a strong smell and it can attract cats to a great extent. So, to attract your cat near the tree bought for her, you can spread some catnip in the base.5.The best website:

When you wish to browse through many different collections of cat tree before arriving at the decision, the best thing you can do is to visit an online store selling them in different models. Also, decide on your budget before making your selection from these stores and accordingly choose the appropriate furniture for your pet.

111ytrRemember that this is a furniture that can provide a great enjoyment and enthusiasm for your pet and if you want her to grow in a healthy fashion, this can be a great gift to her.