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Tips on Facing the Media

people discussing things on an interview

Being a person who is always in the public eye can be a little stressful at times. If you are going to face a media interview to either promote your organization or even be interviewed on a particular situation which may not be positive, you need to know how to deal with reporters and interviewers. Giving the right answers and being calm and composed is necessary, check out for some great tips if you are new to this.

Facing the Media

Being in front of a camera and mic jwith questions being thrown at you can sometimes catch you off guard. If you are not prepared the answers you give can cause both yourself and the organization ou represent a lot of embarrassment.

Media personnel will ask you questions that are rather tricky as their job is to get the truth and a great story. However, your role is to give people clear and concise information without causing anyone to doubt or lose faith in you or those you represent.

People skills

When you are preparing for an interview, that is planned it is somewhat easier as you would get the questions that will be asked in advance. However, if you are put on the spot at a press conference or are approached by reporters on the streets, you must now get too excited and start giving answers without thinking. A small slip up can cost you a lot, and you always need to understand the reason a particular question is being presented and what the person asking is trying to achieve or get from you.

You should learn how to deal with individuals who put you on the spot, as it can be difficult to understand exactly what they are asking. When approached by the media, you must always take your time before you respond. Trying to answer too quickly can, in fact, put you in a situation where you will not be able to get out of.

Get some coaching

aa06Not everyone has a natural ability to face a crowd and answer questions on the fly. But if you need to do this as part of your job, you should consider getting some coaching from those experienced in dealing with crowds and facing people. Always remember, you are in the spotlight when you are being interviewed, and you cannot afford to make any mistakes, or you will end up with consequences.